At last! a children's CD has arrived that parents can enjoy along with their children. Noticing the Moon was inspired by two best friend's love for children and music. Abbi Rose and Jessica O., both young mothers themselves, wanted to create a special CD for parents just like them.

After years of tirelessly searching and not finding music that they could listen to and enjoy with their children collectively, they decided to use their talents in singing and songwriting to create just that. Together, they collaborated to make a "parent friendly" CD which includes 15 original songs for parents and their children to enjoy!

Noticing the Moon, a 45 minute CD, encompasses all styles of music including jazz, pop, rock and roll, country, blues, lullabies and many more. By including such a vast range of musical styles, Abbi and Jessica have created a collection of songs to fit every mood. This innovative approach to such a popular genre is what really sets Noticing the Moon apart from all the others.

The vision, talent and experience of artist Sam Simon have added the perfect look to the CD. His artwork has truly captured the essence of this compilation of songs. For more information contact us at 877-melody-1 or





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